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2023-2024 Season 


Season Commitment: September 11th, 2023 - May 23rd, 2024

Non Class days: 
November 23rd, 2023
December 24th, 2023 - January 6th, 2024 (Classes resume January 7th, 2024)



Our Team Track is invitation only.




We are currently not offering Preschool Classes on Wednesday’s


1 ,2 & YOU (with ONE parent) (18 months to & 3 year olds)

This is a parent and child class, you will learn how to help your child learn gymnastics, and to feel safe and comfortable in our gym. Our wonderful coaches will help you, teach your child basic gymnastics skills, how to take turns, follow simple directions, and have fun with their friends!! Your child will learn a super fun warm up song and cute goodbye song. This level will also help them prepare for the Little Leaper or Monkey Class. Oh, what an EXCITING year this will be!!

45 minute class 1x/week | $50/month 


Monkey Class (This is combined class of Little Leapers and Tiny Tumblers) (3 & 4 year olds)

We have combined 3 & 4 year olds many times in the past and found the class to run VERY smoothly. The little ones get to follow the big kids. The big gets learn how to be great leaders. They will still both get the instruction they need, and the skills will develop. The Monkey Class also provides better scheduling choices. Look at how many evening choices they have!!

55 minute class 1x/week  | $65/month


Little Leapers (3 year olds)

In this level our primary focus will be to develop great listening skills, learning good discipline, and follow directions. After these characteristics develop, we can work on our gymnastics skills more thoroughly. They will learn how to vault, do tricky bars skills (we have lots of bars to play on), achieve wonderful balance on our balance beam, and learn a ton of tumbling skills. It may look like a lot of craziness in the beginning but wait to see what the year-end is like – it’s AMAZING!!

55 minute class 1x/week | $65/month


Tiny Tumblers (4 year olds)

In the fall their listening and discipline skills will be more developed, now we can roll with more gymnastics skills and work on memorizing small routines on the beams and bars. We will move the vault up a notch and make their tumbling skills a bit trickier. The end of the year will be a HUGE success!

55 minute class 1x/week  | $65/month


Junior Jumpers (5 year olds)

THIS IS OUR TRANSITION LEVEL, we will learn fabulous skills on each event, harder and longer routines to memorize on the beam and bars. They will use the big springboard to vault on and they’ll kick up their tumbling skills. At the end of this level, our kids should be ready to move to the skill level classes-HOORAY!!!

55 minute class 1x/week | $65/month






Little Leapers (3 year olds) 9:00am-9:55am REGISTER HERE

Tiny Tumblers (4 year olds) 10:00am-10:55am REGISTER HERE

1, 2 & You (18 months-3 years with ONE Parent) 11:00am-11:45am REGISTER HERE



Tiny Tumblers (4 year olds) 9:00am-9:55am REGISTER HERE

Little Leapers (3 year olds) 10:00am -10:55am REGISTER HERE

OPEN GYM 11:00am-11:55am REGISTER HERE






Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 9:00am-9:55am REGISTER HERE

Junior Jumpers (5 year olds) 10:00am-10:55am REGISTER HERE

***Skills Class 11:00am-12:00pm - Skills Level (6 – 8 year olds) REGISTER HERE











Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 4:45pm-5:40pm REGISTER HERE

Junior Jumpers (5 year olds) 5:45pm-6:40pm REGISTER HERE

Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 6:45pm-7:40pm REGISTER HERE



Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 4:00pm-4:55pm REGISTER HERE

1, 2 & You (18 months-3 years old with ONE Parent) 5:00pm-5:45pm REGISTER HERE

Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 5:50pm-6:45pm REGISTER HERE

Junior Jumpers (5 year olds) 6:50pm-7:45pm REGISTER HERE





Monkey Class (3 & 4 year olds) 5:00pm-5:55pm REGISTER HERE

1, 2 & You (18 months-3 years old with ONE Parent) 6:00pm-6:45pm REGISTER HERE

Junior Jumpers (5 year olds) 6:50pm-7:45pm REGISTER HERE







Skills I

This is a beginner skill level class. We will work on good cartwheels & handstands, along with forward & backward rolls, bridges, & kick-overs. They will learn important beam skills while keeping good form & balance. Gymnasts will work on proper bar techniques, including pull-overs, casts and glides. We will have fun learning to correctly hit the spring board and vault. Strength & flexibility will also be a focus.

*Girls and Boys ages 6-9 years old (Experience required only for 6 years old)*

60 minute class | $65 for 1x/week or $115 for 2x/week
($15 discount for attending two nights a week.)


Skills II

In this class, we will work on more advance skills, such as back & front walk-overs, handstand rolls, & maybe even back handsprings. We will focus on strong body position on bars, along with back hip circles, Gymnasts will improve their beam skills & work on cartwheels, leaps, & jumps series. Vaulting fallbacks and maybe even fly springs will be extra fun to work on! The goal is to help your child feel motivated, confident & challenged while becoming more strong and flexible.

*Girls & Boys ages 7-10 years old (Mastered Skills I)

75 minute class | $75 for 1x/week or $135 for 2x/week 
($15 discount for attending two nights a week.)

2x/week Recommended


Adv Skills

*Girls & Boys ages 9 years old & up (Mastered Skills II)*

90 minutes class | $90 for 1x/week or $150 for 2x/week
($30 discount for attending two nights a week.)

2x/week Recommended

This is the class for very advanced gymnasts who want to keep their high level skills over the Summer. They will work on perfecting their skills with GREAT form along with learning new superior skills.


Super Heroes

*Boys ONLY 6-10 years old*

60 minute class 1x/week | $65/month

We will challenge each boy to their highest physical level. The boys will work on endurance, strength, fixability and self-discipline.  We will strive to build a stronger athlete who is self-confident and works hard.






Skills I 4:30pm-5:30pm REGISTER HERE

Skills II 5:30pm-6:45pm REGISTER HERE



Skills II  4:30pm-5:45pm REGISTER HERE

Super Heroes 5:45pm-6:45pm REGISTER HERE

Skills I 6:45pm-7:45pm REGISTER HERE

Adv Skills 7:00pm-8:30pm REGISTER HERE



Skills I  5:30pm-6:30pm REGISTER HERE

Skills II 6:30pm-7:45pm REGISTER HERE



**Skills I 11:00am -12:00pm  (6 – 8 year olds) (MORNING OPTION!!!)  REGISTER HERE

Adv Skills 4:00pm-5:30pm REGISTER HERE

Skills I  5:00pm-6:00pm REGISTER HERE

Skills II  6:00pm-7:15pm REGISTER HERE