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Flyaways North Gymnastics

Our goal at Flyaways North Gymnastics is for your child to have FUN while learning gymnastics. We want to instill in them the joy of working hard to reach their goals and dreams. Gymnastics is an amazing sport. It teaches a multitude of life skills that will be used in other sports, school and in developing relationships!

The main focus of Flyaways North Gymnastics is to love and support all of our athletes. We provide a safe, positive atmosphere for children to learn and to grow emotionally, socially, and physically. Gymnastics provides excellent exercise that develops fundamental movement skills and over-all coordination. The gymnasts develop endurance, flexibility, strength, spatial awareness, self-confidence, and self discipline. Our staff wants all children to feel good about what they have achieved and to always look forward to what is it come. It is of utmost importance to us that children have fun while they are improving their skills and learning how to work hard. We help children acquire the self discipline and the ability to stay focused that is so important to achieve in our world; not only as an athlete, but in everyday living. If we help children to acquire a strong work ethic, self discipline and the self confidence, then we have succeeded in our goal of helping to produce good people.


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NEW Check-In Process & COVID-19 Guidelines

Burr, it's cold outside! To ensure everyone's safety, we have adjusted our COVID-19 Check-In Process. PLEASE REVIEW THIS PROCESS, CLICK THE LINK and COMPLETE...

By Flyaways North Administrator


We are so excited to be recognized for taking proactive meausres to protect the health and safety of our Gymnasts, their families, and our...

By Flyaways North Administrator

NOW HIRING: Skills Coach

We are hiring a SKILLS COACH!! Apply Here: https://www.gomotionapp.com/team/mnfng/page/about/employment-

By Flyaways North Administrator


GUESS WHAT?! We have opened registration for OPEN GYM in September & FRIDAY FUN NIGHTS in October!!! You can REGISTER here: https://www.gomotionapp.com/team/mnfng/page/events

By Flyaways North Administrator


Please know that Masks are required at check in for the Parent and Gymnast. Gymnasts are not required to wear a mask during practice,...

By Flyaways North Administrator

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